Our church guide to Thy Kingdom Come 2020
An explanation of Thy Kingdom Come and suggestions of prayer ideas.
Download our guide here and explore the links
and suggestions below to help you.

Christ Church St Andrews Prayer Guide for TKC
 A collection of prayers written by some of the church family to help us as we pray during TKC. Please feel free to use them on your own, with a friend on the phone or even in groups using Zoom or WhatsApp. Prints on one sheet, flipped on short side.
Let us pray that the Church will be used by God in fresh ways in the coming days, weeks and months. May the Holy Spirit give us strength, wisdom and boldness to push the boundaries of the Kingdom in our town.  Click here to download

 Praying for Five Friends:
Praying for others to know Jesus is one of the most powerful things we can do. Persistent prayer for others brings transformation to their lives.
Consistently praying for others takes discipline, and there are many ways that we can build up habits that will help us to pray for our friends and family.
Choose five people you would regularly like to pray for and visit the TKC Five Friends Page for more details.

Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map:
We are excited to announce that this year, Mission Generation, have created our map with an augmented reality app that is available for smart phones and tablets, on both Apple and Android.  The app will feature daily games and videos which will all be delivered through innovative augmented reality!  Click here to find out more.
Prayer Journal:
As we set aside these day specifically for prayer, why not download the TKC 2020 Prayer Journal.
Each day there is a passage from the Bible, a short reflection, a prayer, and a suggestion for action. There is also space each day for your own notes. Did a phrase jump out at you? Did God bring something to your mind as you prayed that day?  Be bold, Be encouraging and share what God is speaking to you about on our church family Facebook page.

Thy Kingdom Come 2020 new anthem
Thy Kingdom Come 2020 is sung by worship leader, Pete James.  Thy Kingdom Come is set to the melody of ‘Tell Out My Soul’ and we pray this song is a blessing to churches in this season.

Thy Kingdom Come Digital Prayer Apps: 
The Thy Kingdom Come App is available now to download from Google Store and i-Tunes.
The award winning app is full of daily videos, Bible readings, reflections, podcasts and a special section for your 'Pray for 5'.
Download the Apple version here and the Android version here.

Novena Daily Prayer:  
Wherever you are during these nine days between Acension and Pentecost, we invite you to accompany us on a sacred journey.
As Jesus invited his disciples to wait and pray for the Holy Spirit, so we're invited to wait on God for the empowerment we need to live more fully and to invite others to share the journey with us.
Each day's reflection invites us to pause and purposefully invite the Holy Spirir to engage with us through art, scripture and prayer.
Click here to view or download this year Novena booklet.

Prayer Walks:
Bearing in mind Government restrictions at this time, prayer walking may be slightly different to previous years so we would like to suggest some new ways in which you may like to pray for our town:
Prayer walking with members of your Family or on your own- Download John’s TKC prayer walking guide which has been adapted from last year.
Prayer walk a map of Herne Bay - Having been granted permission from CCC, download this map of our town. Use it at home to pray for your neighbourhood but also other significant places in our town.
Prayer walking from the comfort of your own home - Download the PowerPoint of a walk from St Andrews to Christ Church.
As you flick through the images, ask God what He would like you to pray for.

Promises of God Prayers:
Use scripture verses, in this downloadable booklet, as an introduction to your time of prayer. Why not read a few each day to remind you of the loving, faithful God in whom we can put our trust and can pray to with confidence.