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Friday 15th January 2021
Thursday 14th January 2021
Wednesday 13th January 2021
Tuesday 12th January 2021

Monday 11th January 2021
Sunday 10th January 2021
Saturday 9th January 2021

Sunday Services

After a great deal of consultation, research, thought and prayer it has been decided that we will suspend our 9:00am Sunday services which were taking place in Christ Church.  It has been agreed that Anthony will review this decision each week and as soon as the situation stabilises, and it seems wise to, we will open again.  This decision has been a very hard one to make but it seems the right one at the present stage of the pandemic.  If you know someone who will be adversely affected by the decision do please let Anthony know either by contacting him at or through his Facebook page Vicar at Christ Church St Andrews Herne Bay.

On Sunday at 10:50am a link will be posted HERE and on our Facebook page which will give access to our online Sunday service.  This service allows everyone who wants, to join in with the songs and prayers.

A great opportunity for all to gather at the same time for worship, so if you open the link before 11:00am you will be encouraged to press pause on the opening slide and start the service at 11:00am by pressing play. 

If you watch the service starting at 11:00am, 5 minutes after the end of the service (so you can get a tea or coffee!) Anthony will be on Facebook Live and will interact with any posts for about 30 minutes.  

Food Available

Christ Church St Andrews have been privileged to deliver food, generously donated by the people of Herne Bay and the church family.  If you, or someone you know, are struggling, please text us or phone 07599 608 041 leaving a short message with your phone number and we will contact you.

From 8th January 2021 The South Room will be open every Friday from 10:00am - 12:00noon, for anyone in need of food.

Resources for Children

Dan and Denise have produced a number of video's for our Bay Ignite and church families, for use during restrictions.  Please click HERE for further details.

Tuesday Zoom Prayers

We are now doing our Tuesday Prayer Breakfast by Zoom, email the office on and we will send you a link.

Thursdays at 7.00am

On Thursday mornings at 7.00am join us for thirty minutes on our Facebook page Vicar at Christ Church St Andrews Herne Bay for a led Facebook live prayer gathering which you can join in listening and/or by typing your own prayers (people press ‘like’ to say Amen!).  A great opportunity to reflect and pray.
Services (Pre-recorded and streamed)

Sunday 10th January 2021
Sunday 3rd January 2021
Sunday 27th December 2020

Daily Worship

You are welcome to join the church family in this worship at either 3.30pm or 7.30pm, so you will know others are joining you.

If you would like to suggest prayers or a reading for one of these times please e-mail them to

South Room Opening

At this current time, we are not open, except for food collection on Fridays.  However, if people urgently need access to a computer, to job search or apply for benefits, please contact us on 07599 608 041 and leave a message with your name and contact number or e-mail and we will do our best to help.

Playlist of worship songs 

We have a compiled a playlist of worship songs that you may like to use at home whilst church is closed due to the corona virus. The idea is that it unites us as a church family as we listen to the same worship songs and hymns. 

Christmas playlist  
Playlists week 12 
Playlists week 10 & 11 
Playlist week 9 
Playlist week 8 
Playlist week 7 
Playlist week 6 
Playlist week 5
KIDS playlist  
Playlist week 4 
Playlist week 3 
Playlist week 2 
Playlist week 1 

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